Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Just Not Right!

From the grocery advertisements today:

Holiday Dinner - $59.99
9-11 pound cooked turkey
Prepared cornbread stuffing
Creamy mashed potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry Relish

This seems so sad to me. Who would want to miss out on all the fun of making Thanksgiving Dinner. Yes, I know that even if everyone brings stuff, it is still a lot of work for the hosts to get out the silver, good china, crystal, linens. Get the house ready. Decorate the table. Shop. Cook. But there is also so much pleasure to remember and cook the family traditions.

This year my assignments are pecan pie, creamed onions and cheddar cheese coins. I'm planning ahead. I've bought a pastry blender and pie plate and plan to go back to the Farmer's Market to get pecans so fresh that they are shelling them as I buy them. And I'm anticipating Betty's oyster dressing, rich turkey gravy, Farrah's sweet potatoes.....Yummm. We'll see Betty's little grandchildren and Ned's wonderful 90 year old aunt. Almost everyone will be standing in the kitchen as the dinner is put into serving bowls.  Lots of good food and good conversations.

But buying a Thanksgiving Dinner at the grocery store. It just isn't right. Where is the love?


John Strong said...

Hey Billie,

Some would say the love is in the extra trim you can spend with your family instead of having to cook. While I can understand that argument, I prefer food touched by hands I'm familiar with. Hand-cut, hand-prepared, hand-kneaded, hand it to me!

Have a great Thanksgiving! I'll be spending it with my 90 year old mother and other family members.


Heather said...

I'm always in charge of the pecan pies (I have to make 2) and the fresh cranberry sauce. BTW, my secret to pecan pie is to put in extra pecans and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in each pie filling to cut into the sweetness. A friend of my MIL's told me this and it's always been a hit.

Anonymous said...

Billie, my dear,

That same dinner costs almost twice as much in San Mateo! That's love, indeed, and trust me, we were all in the kitchen, putting everything in serving bowls, lighting candles, setting the table, and making a few fresh item. All in the name of love.