Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Virtual Paintout in San Miguel de Allende

I found Bill Guffey's  blog early in October and followed it for the month. Each month Guffey chooses a location and invites artists to paint a piece of art in that geographic location and share it with others via his blog. The trick is that "The artist must use a view found through Google Street View as the reference for the painting or drawing."

In October the subject was San Miguel de Allende. Have you ever wandered through San Miguel via Google's Street View? I had not. I found my house and went up and down my street. It was amazing. But it is even more amazing to think that from someone walking Google streets, they could create such great paintings. For those of you who live in San Miguel or have visited, go take a look at all of the artist's intrepretations of San Miguel. You are going to recognize buildings and maybe even some people.

The San Miguel Virtual Paintout


Gloria said...

It's a lot of fun to do the virtual paintouts. My friend Gemma did the "Casa Far Away." One month New York was used and awesome paintings. Have a great weekend.

billow said...

It is amazing that the "street view" can take you to many places in cities all over. I'd enjoyed exploring San Miguel but am delighted to know about the "virtual paintout".

Billie said...

Bill, I think the virtual paintout is an amazing idea. If I could paint.......
So are you going to do the November paintout?

Gloria, how about you. Have you done any of the paintouts?

Don Cuevas said...

I like this idea. I'm a big fan of Google Street View.

Don Cuevas

Marc Olson said...

I am a fan of Streeet View, but this is something I hadn't heard about. What a great idea, and what beautiful art!

Thanks for sharing this. I have just started reading and enjoying your blog.