Friday, October 23, 2009

A Short Houston Visit

Ned had another chemo treatment on Wednesday. This time it is with two new chemicals. If the first two didn't get all of the cancer, these two should. So far so good. He is feeling fine. The oncology nurses just can't believe that he has tolerated the treatments so well.

While Ned took it easy yesterday morning I met up with Eleanor Brown. We had lunch and lingered for quite sometime while we talked photography. Ellie brought something to share with me. She has been making some 8x10 folios that were exquisite. Of course her photographs are always wonderful but putting them into a carefully crafted folio is an elegant way of presenting work. She inspired me. Maybe my Mexican Squares should be a folio instead of a book.

Yesterday we went to Jack's football game....and our team won by a big margin. Yea, Raiders! Today we are getting ready to run some errands.

The photograph? It is from the feria in San Miguel. It just seemed appropriate since a lot of people refer to the chemo treatments as rat poison. And trust me, in a personal fight with cancer, you are on a roller coaster ride.


Sam and Bob said...

Ned is still in our prayers. This morning is the Rememberance Mass for Bob's niece. Not a fun day.

Calypso said...

Glad to read things are going well -

The Rantoncito photo is terrific and understood.