Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We are in Houston and the family went out to eat at Hugo's for Ned's birthday. Will is trying to decide whether or not to eat a chapuline or fried grasshopper. At first he said no way but curiosity finally won out. He took all the left over fried grasshoppers home with him to take to school to challenge his friends.

Hugo's is an upscale Mexican restaurant in Houston. They even had a very personal Day of the Dead altar put together by the owners in rememberance of their families.

I'm loving my Canon EOS 5D Mark II. These were made at 3200 ISO and I didn't do anything to correct the noise.


DanaJ said...

I'm holding onto my hat, getting ready for the 6 day whirlwind restaurant review.

Let's see where she eats when she only has 6 days in Houston!

This is gonna be good.

glorv1 said...

I don't know if I could eat bugs like that. No, I couldn't. I like the ofrenda the restuarant has done. I am getting mine ready and almost done. Now it's picture taking time and my pictures never come out good, but I try. Have a great weekend.

Steve Cotton said...

Great camera. Great eye.

Cynthia said...

A belated Happy Happy Birthday to Ned.

Like the first post, I am anxiously awaiting the photo-essay dining experiences you have while in Houston. I almost always have to go try just a couple of the places you mention.

I love Hugo's alter.

Billie said...

Friends, We aren't going to be in Houston very long and Ned has had a new chemo treatment so I doubt that we'll venture out to many restaurants. Our big event today was to Grandson Jack's football game which they won. At any rate, I'm not putting on my restaurant review hat this time. About the chapulines....they are okay but I now that I've had them, I can take them or leave them.