Saturday, October 24, 2009

Heading Home

Today was busy. First of all I went to the Leon's Nails to get a pedicure and manicure. This place is unbelievable. There are probably 15 Vietnamese women who work there. They take walk-ins and everyone was working on a client. It is quite a production. I wish I had Vietnamese hands. All of the ladies who work there have such graceful hands, no matter what they are doing. My hands look like a farmer's hands. They just don't make graceful movements like their hands do. Oh, by the way, the cost for a manicure and pedicure at Leon's is $25. I pay 320 pesos in San Miguel so not everything in Mexico is cheaper.

After I returned, we went to see a friend in the hospital. Visited for quite a while. Looks like he will be having heart surgery this next week but his family is right there to see him through it.

Then we headed over to Central Market so I could have some sushi while we are in Houston. I think the sushi at Central Market is as good as I get in any sushi restaurant. They are making it all day and it disappears out of the case almost as fast as they put it in. It is fresh! Saturday at Central Market is a happening place. They have a huge take out market, they cook outside on the grill, have both inside and outside eating areas and a band playing. The weather was warm but dry and sitting outside, eating and people watching was great. Then we had to make a stop at Costco, then Kroger. Sounds like a lot of shopping but actually it was only one or two items at each place.

This evening we hit the openings at Gallery Row on Colquitt. We saw old friends and chatted for a bit. Then a stop at Romano's for a slice or two of pizza and some wine.

Oh and one more thing. I tried to get a flu shot before we left San Miguel...not the swine flu but just the regular seasonal flu shot. They were out of vaccine. Chelo's pharmacy said they would have more on November 1. While we are here, I tried the clinic at Walgreen's Pharmacy. They were out as well. There has been a lot in the newspapers about the shortage of both the swine flu shots as well as the regular flu shots.

In the morning we will be heading home. "Heading Home" always sounds good.


Calypso said...

Welcome home - Don't forget to turn your clock back Sunday morning - not that we lucky retired types watch the clock by the hour - I often forget what day it is ;-)

Babs said...

Safe travels ya'll.

Sam and Bob said...

Have safe travels. Our time doesn't change until November 1st!!

Billie said...

Yes, Calypso, at times it is hard to remember which day of the week it is. Isn't that wonderful!

We have all the clocks changed and are now on official Mexican Time. Yea!

Mimi said...

Billie, I couldn't resist. At today's exchange 320p=$24.35 :)