Friday, January 30, 2009

Family History

There is a lot of history in this baby chest. Ned's grandmother bought this chest 72 years ago when Ned was born. Since then it has passed from baby to baby in the family. It is made of a beautiful maple wood and it has been used as a maple chest, it has been painted, stripped, restained and painted again. It isn't a priceless antique but it is a family treasure.

Last Saturday while some of the family were together to have brunch, we wrote the names of the the babies who have used this chest on the back.

Ned Mercer - 10-19-1936
Tommy Mercer - 1940 died 9-29-1944
Betty Mercer (Spurgers) - 9-28-1944
Mike Mercer - 7-1-1958
Gary Mercer - 2-2-1962
Doug Mercer - 6-17-1963
Kevin Spurgers 12-28-1971
Kyle Spurgers 5-8-75
Keith Spurgers 6-1-86
Maxwell Mercer 3-10-2000
Dexter Mercer 4-1-2005

Now it is passing to Kyle Spurgers for his babies.


Steve Cotton said...

Great tradition. The only thing that has been passed down in my family is a slight overbite and a tendency to be the constant center of attention.

glorv1 said...

What a wonderful story, and how great that you have all the names and dates. Family history is what it's all about. Thx for sharing.

Life's a Beach! said...

What a lovely way to pass family history down through the generations! :)

Babs said...

What a special thing for your family. Love the idea and tradition!

Mimi said...

How very cool! Might I also pass on a birthday wish to Gary.

Hugs, Mi

Billie said...

Mimi, I passed on the birthday wish to him. Actually, today he is your part of the Playa del Carmen.