Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life in the Kitchen

I've always said I'd like to photograph kitchens. Not those slick kitchens you see in the magazines but the cooking and family interaction in the kitchen. That is what I was doing this morning in Houston, just hanging out with the camera. My family is so use to me snapping away that they just ignore me. You might say that these are snapshots but I think there is a story to each of these images and the story you "read" might not be the reality.

How about it, may I come with my camera and hang out in your kitchen?


Babs said...

Sure, but I only cook when you're coming over and with no oven it goes on for days........ha.

Nancy said...

You are welcome to hang out in our kitchen anytime!

Mexico Cooks! said...

By all means! Mexico Cooks! would love to have you visit the kitchen. We'll cook and take pictures and talk and cook...and talk some more.

glorv1 said...

I find these photo each tell their own story. The first one is from this pet family memeber who is watching what is going on in the kitchen and yet keeping his/her distance. He/she is watching carefully and if you put a balloon overhead, it might say: Scuse me, I'm waiting, I smell bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. :)

The second might be saying: Well I did come over to visit and now you want me to clean all this? :0

In the third, the male is looking pretty somber while she pours what looks like eggs in a pan. He might be saying something like: You think that's gonna be enough? I don't think so.

Great pix and just a little humor. Have a great evening.

Billie said...

Okay, I've have three kitchens to photograph in. Might take a bit of travel for 2 of them but that would be okay.

Jonna said...

Absolutely! I'd love to have you come and photograph in my kitchen. I'm starting to think it might be a very good kitchen, it's feeling more complete now and I'm pretty sure it will be my favorite room in the house.

What I liked in those pics was the woman in shorts and fuzzy slippers, my feet are always cold so even when it is shorts weather, I wear slippers just like those.

My second favorite thing was spotting the phal orchid on the counter. I think they must be very cool people to have an orchid in the kitchen.

Alfredo said...

Of course, come to mine and take me with you.

pitchertaker said...

Well, wait 'till winter breaks and then come. Of course, my kitchen is probably further than the other offers, but you don't have to bring your cameras, only a CF card or two.


Billie said...

Wow, more kitchens to photograph but more travel to do it. Travel isn't a bad thing though.

Jonna, My daughter-in-law usually has some kind of flowers on the kitchen counter but the orchid is cool. I could tell when I saw your kitchen that it was going to be a great place for cooking and hanging out. Enjoy it.