Thursday, January 29, 2009

This Afternoon I'm Thinking Food

Everytime we are gone for a while or if we've been busy, I start getting the urge to cook. We are going out tonight so I won't be cooking but I made a tuna salad with lots of stuff in it for lunch. Not anything special but it felt right to be chopping and stirring. I've done almost no cooking since before Christmas except one night while we were in Houston I did make dinner for the family. Roasted rack of Lamb, couscous, sauteed green beans and a white chocolate raspberry tart. The grandsons call the lambchops from the rack, "lamb on a stick" and they can put away a lot of sticks of lamb.

I haven't made that tart in a long time and it is really pretty and tasty. I'll definitely make it for Valentine. You can even decorate the top with white chocolate leaves and a few raspberries that you have reserved. A little more trouble to make the leaves but it makes it look so glamorous.

Grandson, Will, loves chocolate but he said he didn't like raspberries so he didn't want any of the tart. However everyone else including his friend was eating the tart and saying how good it was so he decided to try a piece. He ended up saying it was the best dessert he ever had and he ate two pieces.

This afternoon I'm looking at bread recipes. I brought back some King Arthur Bread Flour so I looked on the King Arthur Flour website. Oh my, they do have a lot of kinds of flours and yeasts. It looks like if I got serious about making bread, I'd have to devote a whole shelf in the kitchen to bread stuff.

I don't really know much about making bread. I've made rolls a few times for holidays and a few loaves of bread but nothing that I could brag about. I'd been thinking about trying to make some bread when I found out that one of my daughters-in-law was also planning to start making bread. It is so strange when you find coincidences like that. I figured that I'd have to make some recipe adjustments because of our altitude and sure enough the King Arthur site confirmed my fears. I don't know when I'll actually launch into this bread thing but I'll report back when I do.

In the meantime, I've got to go to the mercado and stock the larder.


glorv1 said...

Oh you'll have fun baking bread, especially when the aroma's start filling the house. In winter it is great to bake bread. Enjoy yourself.

1st Mate said...

Better hurry with that baking, you won't want to do it when the weather gets too hot.

I bought a countertop convection oven made by Black & Decker that bakes, broils or convection bakes, and doesn't heat up the kitchen so much. Now I never use my stove oven. The mice pulled out the insulation in the oven for nesting material (I feel sorry for those babies!) and it would really heat up the kitchen now.