Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yes, we are North of the Houston. No problems driving North and crossing the border took about 30 minutes. Except, the US Border Agent spoke to us in rapid fire Spanish. Why? We have USA Passports, a Texas License Plate. We don't look very Mexican. This is the second time that this has happened when we re-enter the USA. Is this some kind of test?

We spent the night in Laredo and then drove on in to Houston. Son and family are deep in all the Christmas activities. Betsy's parents are here with them and I know it is a relief to have help with all the regular cooking and such. We stayed with them last night but now we are in a friend's house.

Today we started shopping. Ace Mart for some of the kitchen stuff on the list. The Galleria, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the grocery store for breakfast and sandwich stuff. Shopping is just overwhelming. So many things that soon you are looking at stuff and thinking,

Gee, this is a great gadget. I could probably use it.

No, no, no! Stop! Only the things that are on THE list! Remember when you had that estate sale and you sold stuff and more stuff. You promised yourself that you were going to live simply and make a smaller footprint on the earth.

But NOB that seems to be difficult to do.


Jonna said...

Oh Billie! I hear you!

I remember when we were getting ready for the big yard sale thinking, "I'd buy most of this stuff again, I like it" My goal has been to NOT do that. It's easier when we are traveling and living in an RV, getting this house has me terrified that the 'stuff monster' is going to return.

You really were in the store where I have the least resistance, Bed Bath & Beyond - or Linen's & Things. My resistance evaporates in those stores.

pitchertaker said...

To fight against the fiendish "stuff monster" we now have a rule in our house -- you can't buy anything new for the kitchen UNLESS you throw something out....or give it away. Keeping track of what you already have while being tempted by the "stuff monster" is really tough.