Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What A Christmas!

Whew, I can't believe that I haven't blogged since December 19. I guess that is the longest I've ever gone without writing something. But we have been too busy to sit down and write.

It has been a marvelous week. All of the usual Christmas things. Shopping. Cooking. Friends and Family. But yesterday was so special. The weather was beautiful. The Grandboys in Houston waited until 8 AM to tear into their Santa stash and they loved everything they got.

I thought that maybe this year I would get out of making the Christmas Jalapeno Quiche on Christmas morning but no such luck. Chef son kept insisting that I make it. Actually it was not an "it" singular. It is "it" in plural. I made three and we had to restrain outselves to leave some for the Chef son until he could get there. This year the tradition of having Jalapeno Quiche may have been cemented for the next generation. Up until this year, the Grandboys haven't wanted any but this year their Dad talked them into giving it a try. They both decided it was "good." "Mimi, this is good" is really quite a compliment coming from boys. I don't mind making it but it does take a chunk of time on Christmas morning.

We have a dinner on Christmas Day. This year my dear daughter-in-law had to seat 23 people. We have always done a real sitdown dinner with the best china and crystal and this wonderful daughter-in-law is keeping up that tradition. She set up three tables plus a children's table....linens, crystal, flowers the whole thing. It was beautiful. But this year was special because we had Ned's 87 year old aunt who is still an amazing woman although she has slowed down a bit but not much. We had a new baby in the family. A little girl who was passed from person to person. We have so many boys in the family, this little girl was really a precious bundle to hold. We had a new engagement to celebrate. We had friends who are getting ready to move to Singapore and a friend from Mexico. And we talked about and remembered Tom who passed away this year.

We are so blessed that Christmas is also celebrated with our extended family. Daughter-in-law's Mom, Dad and brother were also with us and they have adopted our family as we have adopted them.

Somehow old photographs were pulled out and we laughed and talked about how we "looked" back when......

We are blessed! I've heard of families where people feel like it is an obligation to show up for holidays. There are no family squabbles, everyone not only speaks to each other but looks forward to being together.

I have taken some pictures but I don't have time to work them up to put on the blog. So you'll just have to take my word that this was really quite a Christmas.....and we aren't through yet. Still some more parties in Houston and then on to Austin to celebrate with Son #3 and his family.

I hope your Christmas was filled with family and friends and love.


Jonna said...

What a wonderful Christmas! It sounds like it was perfect, like a sentimental movie.

Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo a tu y todas tus familias.

Charles Hall said...

It's good to see you blog'in again and that you had a great Christmas. So did all of us...

I hope you ave a festive New Year's Celebration as well!!!