Monday, December 17, 2007

Dolphy is Missing

Dolphy wasn't a very good swimmer. The other two goldfish have always hung out together and they can swim with just a little flick of fin or tail. Not Dolphy. When he swam he wriggled his whole body and he was a loner, preferring to stay down in a little hollow of the rocks or lately at night when the lights in the pond were on, he had taken to coming up to lay on a ledge just a few inches under the surface. You know how you worry about your children when they are loners and just different. That is what we did about Dolphy. We worried. Was he sick? Why didn't he swim with the other two goldfish? Did they kick him out of the school? What was wrong?

Now Dolphy is missing. When we went to bed two nights ago he was on his ledge. Now we can't find him at all. It makes me sad to think of what might have happened to him but I keep having bad feelings toward the neighbor's cat. I think the other two will be okay because they stay on the move lower in the tank but I'm still worried.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry to read about your loss amiga. I don't think most people think of fish the way you seem to (or I), but I find that fish do respond from inside their tank to those of us on the air side.