Sunday, August 05, 2007

Will's Birthday

Will was 8 years old yesterday. Seems like yesterday when he was born. It was a hot, hot, day in August. Mike called early in the morning to say that they were on their way to the hospital. Will had decided to be born a little earlier than we expected. We headed to the hospital and picked up big brother Jack who was 3 1/2.

Off to Hermann Park for some rides on the little train. By then it was so hot and humid in Houston that we had to think of some place with Air Conditioning. Jack thought of Chuck E Cheese. Other Mothers and kids had also thought of Chuck E Cheese as a good place to go on a hot summer day. It was our first experience with Chuck E and we were overwhelmed. The only saving grace was that Chuck E served wine. After what seemed like 36 hours in mayhem, we received a call. The baby brother had arrived.

We were so glad to get to celebrate his birthday with him this year. We had a special dinner, pinatas and birthday cake.

Today Will is about to go into the second grade and he is a good student. He is missing a few teeth. And while he might seem shy if you just met him, he is a talker to family and friends. He has a great sense of humor. Can you tell? His grandparents really think he is a grand grandson.

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