Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Party

It was a party, truly a PARTY. Our children wanted to do something special for us for our 50th Wedding Anniversary and they did. I can't even begin to tell how wonderful it was because you would think I was making it up. I wanted to take pictures of the party and I took the camera but it wasn't possible to be the photographer and enjoy the party. However several people, including my photographer friend Lauren Singer, took pictures so maybe I'll have some pictures for you later. The party was at Mike and Betsy's house. Doug and Susan came in on Friday and helped get it all together. Gary's company, City Kitchen, did the food and he pulled out all the stops. He had a full compliment of staff there so the service was amazing. They set up a seafood table in the den with oysters on the half shell and shrimp cocktails. In the dining room they were serving mini Filet Mignon sandwiches, crab cakes, chicken enchiladas, tiny salmon crepes, asparagus, rice salad, roasted tomatoes and maybe some other things that I didn't see. In the kitchen they served vegetable dumplings and sushi. Bite-size, amazing appetizers including sea scallops in tequila butter and shot-glasses of tomato fennel soup were constantly passed. Later cookies and chocolate truffles were put on the coffee table and bananas foster and coffee was served in the kitchen. Every bite of everything was delicious and I heard raves and raves about the food. The family used an amazing florist, John Friedman. They had flowers everywhere, even in the chandelier. The flowers added so much to the party atmosphere from the minute you walked in the door. Although I wasn't able to photograph the party, the next day I did get some pictures of some of the flowers.

But the really wonderful part of the party was the friends who came to celebrate with us. Some of them we had not seen in a while. There was much catching up to do and laughing about things we had shared. People have said that being married 50 years is an accomplishment. No, it isn't an accomplishment. It is made up of shared moments with someone you love dearly and have committed to love and live with until death do us part. A life with family and friends. Friday night dinners, cook outs, carpooling, gourmet group dinners, golf outings, family vacations, a trip to the museum out of town, sitting with friends at the funeral home, hospital visits, weddings, crying over the kids, rejoicing about the kids, phone calls, births, church, anguish, conflict and joy. I don't know how I was smart enough at 18 years old to choose such a good man to marry but I'm thankful that I did that.

I am so blessed with an amazing husband, good friends and a wonderful family.

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Brenda said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate and what great family and friends you have, to do this for you and Ned.