Saturday, December 30, 2006

Family Dinners

My friend, Stephen Dirado, has been photographing dinner tables for years and years. Not a just a quick grab shot but he works with a 8x10 camera and flash. This is some serious setup and planning. I've loved "reading" the photograph and figuring out the story line. Who is talking to who? Who has an attitude. And even what was served for dinner.
For years I've shot our family gathered around a table too but with a 35mm camera and flash on the camera, they were nothing more than a record of the gathering. I hated the shadows caused by the flash. Now with a wide-angle lens on the digital camera where I can shoot acceptable images at 1600 ISO, even 3200 ISO, I'm starting to like some of the results. Of course, I have to admit that I've learned a bit from seeing Stephen's dinner table images for years.


pitchertaker said...

Well, Billie, that second image can certainly give SD a run for the money. Most excellent image, dinner table or not.

Billie said...

That is high praise, thanks. I like the bottom two images because I think I used the edges well. Some interesting information there. I haven't been taking the family dinner shots to monotone but I think it works better because it is difficult to color balance the images in Mike and Betsy's dining room. Incandescent light and walls that are a rusty red. And there is something about the monotone that just makes you look at them a bit longer....I seem to read the storylines more when I'm looking at a monotone family dinner table than I do when it is a color image