Friday, December 29, 2006

The Empty House on Milford Street

I took the "Digital Holga" with me when I walked the dog. There is an old house that we can see from the Condo. I love the tree in front of it and I'm intrigued with the bags of old books that have been taken from the house and placed at the curb for garbage pickup. Sometimes from the condo, I see people drive by slowly and then back up to stop and take a look at some of the books. There is a park on the side of the house and I can see the backyard. There are three chairs. Three chairs that look as if they have only been there a short time but the house is empty. Who sat there looking at the back of the house? What conversation took place? As I say, I'm intrigued and my imagination has been writing the story of who lived there. Most of the time I think it was a man whose wife a reader of novels had passed away. The garden mostly died out but a few plants thrived including an ivy that is mostly an indoor plant. A bit of monkey grass is lined in a row. Did it edge the flower bed? The squirrels have entered the attic and peak out of holes in the facing boards. Now the man has died or moved to a nursing home. The children are cleaning out the house to sale it.

I'd love to take the digital holga into this house. I wonder if it could capture some of the stories that reside there.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I used to live on Banks near Milford! Love that area......I would want to sit down and go through every single book to see if there were any first editions or whatever!!! A treasure trove.......
Glad you're having fun.