Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Grand YAAAAAK!

I warned my readers from the beginning that I would be writing about several things and one of them was Family. Well this is about Family. I received the following in an email from son, Doug. As I read it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because it was like a bad joke of something that has happened to you or cry because it was so touching. There is such a deep feeling of family as you see your children take care of their children. And just in case they never knew before, now they realize how much you love them.

Remember all the times that you talked to me about "Wait till you stay up at night cleaning up your kids vomit?"

Well, no need to say that any more. Susan was at work on Saturday night. Max and I stayed up eating popcorn and watching TV. Max had fallen asleep on the floor. I saw him sit up, and then YAAAAK! All over the blanket and the carpet. I got him to the bathroom, but he was already done--and very confused. I got him cleaned up and calmed down, and then he just wanted to go to bed. I put a bucket by his bed, and told him what it was for.

I went to the den to start cleaning up the mess. About 45 minutes later, I heard him up suddenly and crying. I went in to his room to find vomit all over him and the bed. So I got him out of the bed, yanked all the sheets and blanket off in one large ball. Got him cleaned up and calmed down. Got new sheets and blankets on the bed. Got him to bed again. And started to clean up the next round.

One hour later. YAAAAAK!

Same process over again.

Forty-five minutes later. YAAAAK! This time Maxwell was wanting to sleep with Mom and me. "Not a chance, buddy. I love you very much, but NO WAY." By this time I was able to rotate out bed sets and blanket bears. Luckily he was down for the rest of the night.

When Susan got home from work on Saturday night, she proceeded to tell me about her bad night. I just nodded my head and waited for her to finish. Then I said, "Is that all you got?" and proceeded to tell her about my fun filled night.

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