Tuesday, November 08, 2005

You Found My Blog?

Last weekend we went to a lovely party given by Lisa and Eduardo. I was talking away with people I hadn't seen recently when Alfonso Alarcon walked in. Back on July 8th, I wrote about Alfonso who is a landscape designer and he has drawn up some plans for our patio. I wrote about how I liked him and his design and felt that he would be very comfortable to work with.

When he saw me, his face lit up and he said, "I found your blog."
"You found my blog?"
"Yes, I was looking for something else and I came across your blog."
"You found my blog?"

Can you tell I was surprised? In all the vastness of cyberspace this Mexican man found a blog, realized it was ME and then found where I had written about him. Someone came up and took him off before I could find out anymore. I still can't believe it........he accidently found my blog.


Lilly Anderson said...

Hi Billie,

I would love to ask you some questions regarding Mexico. My family and I are driving to Puerto Vallarta on Friday and need some advice.

Found your blog and loved what I read.

Would you help a gringa in need?



Lilly said...

I realize you probably need my email. How does this work? Do I post it here? This is all very strange to me.

Can you tell I am a newbee at this???

okay here goes nothing...

Thanks again for your help.