Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It was shots day at the Mercer's Mexican household....not the photographic kind but the vaccination kind.

First of all it was Taylor's turn. Time for his battery of vaccinations. Rabies, Parvo, kennel cough, etc. He was nervous and panting but he was a good boy through his examination and shots. In addition the Vet cleaned his ears and put in some medication because they were a little inflamed. And this all cost about $65 USA.

We usually get Taylor's shots here because it is much less expensive and besides we really like the Vet, Edgardo Vazquez. We just carry his papers with us as we cross the border. I use to get health certificates for him when we came down but they are not good for very long and the Vets in Houston charge an outrageous amount to sign them. Now we just carry his shot records. Besides no one has ever asked to see anything about him as we have gone back and forth across the border....except one time. The border crossing guard asked if he had his shots and we had to produce the certificate. I told her that no one had ever asked for the certificate before. She smiled and said, "I'm new." She waved us on....back into the USA with Taylor.

We took Taylor home, then it was our turn. We went to De La Fe hospital went into the pharmacy, purchased the packaged flu shots and took them around to the emergency room. They gave us our shots and we were on our way.

We are all good to go for another year.

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