Saturday, October 15, 2005

Camera Lust

Some of my photography friends keep a "lust list." It is the photography equipment that they are sure they can't live without. So I started keeping one too. The interesting thing about my lust list is that I've found over time some things that are on it have to drop off because I'm just not lusting after them any more. So I try not to buy anything that goes on it for at least three months and maybe even six months. If it is still on there after that long a time....well I probably really NEED it instead of just lusting for it.

My digital camera, a Canon 10D, is about 2 1/2 years old and it is old technology now. It has been surpassed by the Rebel XT and the 20D. And those two have recently been surpassed by the Canon 5D. Back on August 22, I wrote about wanting more megapixels than the 20D offered and if the 5D which was just being announced and offered 13 megapixels was good, I sure would be tempted to buy one.

Well I'm tempted alright but I also need another lens and the lens I'm thinking....lusting the new 24-105, f4L image stabilization lens. It is a pricey lens.

So now I have to decide is the 5D or the 24-105 lens at the top of the lust list. Would I be better off to compromise with a Rebel XT and the lens for the time being? Damn, these are hard decisions when you are in lust.

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