Sunday, October 16, 2005

Almost Full

Tomorrow night will be a full moon but tonight it was almost full. It was lovely. I doubt that I'll be able to get Ned on the terrace tomorrow is the Astros game, you know. So tonight I took our dinner up to the terrace.

Dinner was filete de res, sauteed carrots and potatoes, and a salad. Nothing outstanding but sitting on the terrace looking at the almost full moon against a dark blue sky that darken down to midnight blue, the lights of the town were twinkling, the Parroquia church lights were on, candles on the table....what a beautiful sight. It made this not outstanding dinner really quite marvelous. Then there were some fireworks from around the Civic Plaza. You would think after all this time in Mexico, the fireworks would be old news but they aren't. Tails of light rushing up into the dark sky and exploding into a thousand points of light. Oh, my God.

I wish I was capable of writing this so that it would touch your soul, thrill your spirit and bring to you this wonderful sense of just being alive that we feel. My glass isn't just almost full, it is overflowing.

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Heather said...

I quite believe I understand how you were feeling. It sounds beautiful. Wish we could see it too. We're anticipating some great beautiful scenery in our new house in PA.