Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Orchids are blooming

I have had three phalaenopsis orchids here in San Miguel for about a year. Two of them bloomed last year but during the dry season from January through May, they struggled. This is high desert, dry and dusty most of the year. Not the hospitably environment of the tropical landscape around VeraCruz. Since there is so little humidity, I finally decided that they could be watered three times a week.

I even had a hard time finding a good place for them. Either it was too dark or too much sun. Finally as the sun moved around this summer, I was able to leave them in the bedroom window seat and they were happy. All of them have put out bloom spikes and one is so happy she put out two bloom spikes.

To me orchids are such an exotic flower that when they bloom again for me, I feel I've been given a very special gift.


unponce said...

Lady you have a nice blog. I enjoy your "informs" of life in San Miguel. I was there last July and I enjoyed it a lot. However I had visited San Miguel when it was a real small town (by 1967) and it was much more pleasent then. Now the traffic is terrible. Of course at that time there were no many "amenities" and expensive restaurants but you have to give something for "progress."

BillieS said...

Unponce, thanks. We first came to SMA in about 1980 and yes it was smaller. We just walk everywhere so while the traffic is bad, it isn't as bad as if we were driving a car and trying to find a parking space.

One of the things we like to do is find the small out of the way restaurants where the Mexicans eat. Much cheaper and the food is great. I think most of the expensive restaurants have medicore food but then we come from a place in the USA with lots of really good restaurants. I like to cook and I have a son who is a chef so I'm pretty tough with my food opinions.

Hope you will come back to read the blog again.