Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ta Dah....The New Terrace

The new terrace......
Before the tejado (roof) was added it just seemed like a big open space but now the area under the tejado feels like a room. We have gas connections in two places where we can add a grill and a fireplace if we should decided to do that in the future. The floors still need to be sealed so we aren't going to buy any more plants until they are done but we did do some re-arranging of the pots. All of them are small plants and we need some taller ones...after the floors.

We are still looking for furniture for it. Like a wrought iron table instead of a Home Depot plastic table. I do have 4 wrought iron chairs that we can use but we also need some more seating....comfy chairs that you could curl up in to read a book. I'm surprised at the cost of wrought iron furniture here in San Miguel. I have found a table I like but it is almost $300 plus the cost of the glass top. We have gotten several prices for a 12 mm round glass top and it will be about $225.

I love our view from the terrace. The two pictures at the top are looking back into our neighborhood but looking in the other direction, you see the centro. It is a great place to sit and see the lights come on in the town at night.

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