Friday, October 14, 2005

San Miguel went visiting

Led by these colorful angels, the patron saint of San Miguel, San Miguel Arcangel, was taken from his place above the altar in the Parroquia church to visit the other principal churches in the Centro. Usually we think of the Angels as floating around in white robes but not in Mexico the land of vibrant color.

In most of the processions the saints are carried by men in shirt sleeves but in this procession San Miguel was carried by men in suits. The men in suits were having a hard time with the load. At each of the churches San Miguel would be taken inside and set down in front of the altar. Some people would be in the church waiting for his arrival and others followed San Miguel from church to church. After a brief blessing, San Miguel was again picked up to be carried on to the next church.

Besides the people who walked in the procession with flowers and candles there were also the prerequisite native dancers, bands, shell horn blowers, and conchero dancers.

San Miguel has now been returned to his place of honor above the altar in the Parroquia church. I don't know when he will go visiting again.

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