Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's in the genes

Jack and his little brother, Will, love to play baseball. So did their Pawpaw. That's husband Ned for those of you who don't know. Their Dad was a pretty good player too. Both of the boys are good but Jack has reached the age of being asked to play on some serious Little League teams.

Mike sent me some pictures of Jack in one of his games. I don't know if Mike is the photographer or not but I do know that Jack looks most professional for a 9 year old. Hey, I'm his grandmother and if I say he looks professional, the kid looks professional!

Remember how you saw your grandparents as old. Well, I'm sure that these boys do too. About two years ago when Will was just learning how to catch the baseball in a glove, Pawpaw joined him for some practice in the backyard. In a few minutes, Will came running in, eyes wide, to tell us that Pawpaw could catch the baseball in a glove. Guess the "old man" surprised him.

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