Monday, August 22, 2005

Digital Pocketbook

The digital pocketbook is being challenged.....especially since it is a retired digital pocketbook.

I have the Canon 10D camera with 6 megapixels. It is now more than 2 years old....kind of long in the tooth for the digital age. It has been surpassed by the 20D as well as the digital Rebel with 8 megapixels and a number of other improvements but I have held off buying one of them because I wanted a bigger jump than just 2 megapixels. Megapixels may not seem that important to many of you but when you come from a photographer background that equates negative size to improved quality of the image.....You want more megapixels!

There have been rumors of a new digital Canon but today the internet is a buzz with sites that are talking about the Canon 5D. It looks like it is true and the camera will have a full frame sensor and 12 megapixels. From what I'm reading we will start to see these cameras in the stores sometime this Fall. The price, at $3300, is a big reduction from the prices of their other full-frame cameras but almost double the price of the 20D.

Is this the camera I've been waiting for? Or if I wait until the Spring will Canon launch a toned-down Rebel version of this camera at a lower price?

But the real question is can the old pocketbook afford this camera.

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