Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back in Austin

Our son Doug, wife Susan and their two boys have just moved back to Austin. We went to visit them this weekend. They are still getting settled into their new house and we got to play with the boys while they worked. That is the good part of being a grandparent.

Maxwell started kindergarten last week. When we arrived Thomas the train was up in the playroom and the electric train was up in his bedroom but his main love these days is everything StarWars. On Saturday morning we took him to buy another lego space ship. He picked it out....actually I think he already knew what he wanted before we left the house. He and his Father have put together a couple of lego space ships since they moved into the new house so by the time Doug completes this assembly, he will be a master lego StarWar space ship assembler. Maxwell was willing to wait until after dinner to start putting the pieces together if he could get the "character" pieces out of the box.

Dexter is 4-1/2 months and he is a beautiful baby....and he is a good baby. He can fuss if you don't listen to him but I didn't hear him get into a cry....of course that might have been because we were doing what he told us to do. He likes for you to help him stand up and he is a talker. He is ooooing and gooing and he wants you to listen. He is making a connection with food. Anytime you eat or drink, he watches the plate then your hand go to your mouth. I think as soon as he gets a little better coordinated with his grabbing, he will be dangerous near the table. He was almost turning from his back to his tummy while we were there and on Monday he made the flip but then he had to call Mom because he couldn't do the reverse roll.

Doug and Susan are so happy to be back in Austin and we are glad to have them closer to Houston. We had such a good visit and I took lots of pictures of the boys.

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