Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Starting to Worry

It seems like our life is one of packing....either to come to the USA or to go to Mexico. This time it is back to Mexico. Going into Mexico is always a question mark.

Will we get a green light or will they check our car for "contraband?"

What are we taking down that might be considered "contraband?"

Will we have to pay a "fine" if they decide that we are carrying something that isn't allowed?

Should we declare anything at the border and pay the duty?

Is the Mexican consul here in Houston right that since we have an FM-3, there will be no problem in taking my computer for my personal use down?

We have heard that you can take down an old computer and we have heard that you can only take down a new computer....which is correct?

When we first bought our house in San Miguel de Allende, everytime we went to Mexico we took an Explorer loaded solid from the front seats to the hatchback, top to bottom. Except for a little spot for Taylor, there was not a smidigen of daylight. We took linens, small appliances, and furniture. We have never had a problem. Still I'm starting to worry.

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