Friday, August 19, 2005

Foto Friends

Last night Jan and Milton came to dinner. So good to see both of them. Jan and Milton are doctors but Jan is also a wonderful photographer and that is how I met her. Then of course I met Milton. Milton is a good sport like Ned and he will go wherever Jan wants to go with her camera so there have been times when Ned and Milton are over on the sidelines trading stories while Jan and I are "photoing." One time in Floresville, Texas, Jan, Milton and I stayed in a B&B and in order to get to the bathroom I had to walk through their bedroom. So we are "very" good friends. We've been together in Martha's Vineyard and a few other out of town places. This friendship is very dear to me in many ways.

In fact, many of my friends are through photography. Some of them are people I've met along the way, but a lot of my photographer friendships have come about through the internet. And most of the people I've met on the internet, I have eventually met in person. Some of these connections go back 12 years or so but it seems like I've known these photographers and their families all my life. I've seen their children grow into adults, we've been through divorces, surgeries, deaths in the family, cross-country moves, and all of the things that happen in life. Photographically, we have watched projects develop, seen them come to an end, had books published, exhibitions hung, lived through slumps, and we are experiencing the great change in our work methods as we sort though what digital technology means or doesn't mean to our individual visions.

But last night, I prepared dinner....salad of baby greens with apple, pecans and blue cheese, rack of lamb, couscous, and sauteed asparagus, Blue Bell vanilla ice cream with a hot fudge sauce..... and it was wonderful to sit across the table from Milton and Jan. We talked about Mexico, health, kids, and of course photography. What a wonderful evening.

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