Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Technically Challenged

I'm writing this from the NEW HP computer that will go back to Mexico with us. Yesterday Sam Terry, my computer tech guy, came and we, actually he put in a second 100G SATA HD and a 128MB PCI-e video card. Then we took out the video card because it wasn't playing like we wanted it to with the integrated video card that came with the computer. He is doing some research on the issues to see if we can work it out. I have questions about whether the integrated video card will carry the load and not use too many resources when I'm running Photoshop. After getting the machine loaded with the additional hardware, Sam left planning to come back later to finish up after I have a chance to put the new machine to the test with some large PhotoShop files. We still have to load 2 more Gigs of RAM when it gets here. Thank God for Sam.

About 8:00 PM, Sam calls me to say that I should stop what I'm doing and get all the Windows Security updates installed and be sure that I have the latest virus definitions downloaded on my virus software. He said this latest virus is credible and my Windows 2000 machine is vulnerable but also he thinks from what he is reading that the other two computers running Windows XP Pro and XP Media Center are also. This isn't something I do everyday so I always feel like I could be about to "shoot" my computer especially when I'm asked the question "Are you sure you want to .......delete, download, or whatever." The Windows 2000 machine will not let me download the latest security updates from Microsoft. I figure I'm doing something wrong. I called Sam several times and he had me going into these foreign menus and checking this and unchecking that. Finally I gave up about 11:00 PM and just turned the machine off. The other two machines updated fine.

Today I'll be loading PhotoShop and other software onto the new machine and I have printed out 2 pages on "How to use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard with a wizard disk in Windows XP" so maybe I can transfer my personal settings from one computer to another. Sure will save time if that will work.

I'll let you know what "challenges" I face today.

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Brenda said...

I have been having trouble using Microsofts updates for awhile now on my Windows XP. I keep getting an error message, when I search for that particular error message, it doesn't come up with the rest of their error messages. Went into their forum and it seems lots of people are having update problems. So far my 'puter hasn't got the worm and can't seem to get the patch for it from Microsoft so will hold my breath and hope not to catch it. Have fun with your new toy.