Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is it going to flood?

Houston isn't very much above sea level and when it rains we depend on our sluggish streams and bayous to drain the water out to the Gulf of Mexico. It is a delicate equilibrium between the size of the streams and the amount of the rainfall per hour. Sometimes, like during Tropical Storm Allison in June of 2001 when the city was overwhelmed with 10 to 30 inches of rainfall in a 24 hour period, streets and freeways go under water, 18 wheelers float in the freeways and houses are flooded. So you don't have to live in Houston too long until you come to respect heavy rain. Yesterday, I was out shopping when the black clouds rolled in, thunder rumbled and the wind gusted. I headed for home.


Tommy Williams said...

Interesting choice to focus on the rain on the windshield rather than on the cars outside. The extreme angle of the drops gets the point across.

One question: what criteria do you use to choose whether to post a photo to your blogger account or whether to post it to Flickr and then link to it from your blog?

BillieS said...

Tommy, that is a good question and one I've been trying to sort out myself since I realized I can post directly to the blog rather than linking from Flickr. And what I'm generally doing is if I have a set of images....like the ones of the grandsons posted earlier this week, then I'll use one or two in the blog and provide a link for the relatives or whoever might be interested to go see the rest of them. But like this one of the rain, although I have several others I wouldn't put up a set of them so I just go directly to the blog.