Saturday, August 18, 2012

Looking for the Next Adventure

Although the apartment looks like a cyclone blew through, I'm making progress at getting out of it and on my way back to San Miguel. The hardest part has been folding Ned's clothes and putting them in bags. Some people say that they want to keep their loved ones clothes because they can smell the scent of the person on the clothes. I sniffed and sniffed but I didn't smell Ned's scent at all. I was doing okay until I had to fold some cotton shirts and folding and smoothing them was like I was caressing him. By the time I finished gathering his things, I knew I could not take them to the Salvation Army. Thank goodness for Son #2. He came and got them and took care of that for me.

In getting out of the apartment I've made the decision not to keep any of my furniture. Of course, we had gotten rid of most things when we moved to SMA full time but I still had some upholstered pieces for the living room and also some Chippendale dining room chairs. When or if I come back to Houston, I'll most likely buy a high-rise condo.

I've come to realize that I am in a different place and stuff I've had for 30 or 40 years just doesn't seem to fit me anymore. And if I put it in a condo, it will look like some of the pictures I see of condos that are for sale on the Houston Area Realtors website.....Like the condo owner is an older person(s) who downsized but their life is still the same. I know, my life is not the same.

This week also included a trip to San Antonio to meet up with friends who gave Carly a ride back to San Miguel. It was really hard to let her go. She has been my comfort and companion since Ned died. From San Antonio I dropped off a photograph that will be in a show in Johnson City and then on to Austin to see Son #3 and family. I was fortunate enough to hear Maxwell, 12 year old grandson, play with his new band. The band was good and he was great on the drums. He just gets better and better every time I hear him.

While discussing with Son #3 some of my thoughts about what I was doing as well as some of the doubts, He told me to rent the animated movie UP.  It is about a man who met his wife when they were young kids and she always had the dream of taking off on an adventure. Life goes on and they were never able to save the money to fulfill her dream before she died. He is pressed down with grief but circumstances force him out of his rut and he is off on the adventure they always dreamed about. Son #3 talked to me about moving forward and going on to new adventures. When did my "baby" become so wise and insightful?

Son #1 has told me that I should go do anything I want to do. Parachute out of a plane. Travel anywhere. I don't have to worry about Ned or any of them. Live my life to the fullest. What a wonderful blessing my three sons are.

So this next week my nephew who just bought a new house will come and take a bunch of stuff. The movers will come and take boxes to storage and deliver the furniture to the Guild Shop. I'll move over to Son #1's house. Then I'm off with friends to Port Aransas for a few days and I'll try to do some more photography for the PortA project. Back in Houston for a day or two of last minute shopping, storing the car and then I'll fly to San Miguel and look for my next adventure.


Nancy said...


You are a very thoughtful woman and have some wonderful kids, too.

I have no doubt that you will have some great adventures in your future.... maybe you'll even want to take a trip to Mazatlán! (Your room is waiting)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Sons you have!
and their word is coming from their love for you.

God is watching over you and Ned.
You will be fine no matter what you decide to do.

Kate said...

What a wonderful supportive family you have! It must be difficult to get on with life, but you're doing it!!

Babs said...

Yee ha. Bless the sons - bless the sons!

Bob Mrotek said...

Billie, just don't forget to change the date on your copyright to 2012 :)

Tina said...

Billie, I have a feeling I know who your friends are who are driving Carly back to San Miguel and that means she is in GREAT hands!

I can imagine how hard it was to say a temporary good-bye to her though--we love our dogs like that too.

You are so lucky to have such a supportive family--I know you'll continue to move through this time of your life and find your way--you already are.

All the best to you--I check on you every day!

Take care and trust your inner guidance system.

alcuban said...

Billie: When you're ready to jump out of an airplane--I'm sure we can arrange it in San Miguel--let me know and I'll join you.


Steve Cotton said...

You made me start thinking whether it is time for me to start thinking about some new adventures. Keep me posted. You always have great ideas.

Irene said...

You are remarkable. Blessings to you.

isladeb said...

You'll get your strength through time. It won't happen right away. And you'll get moments of weakness, but they will fade. You are an intelligent, creative woman. Those traits will carry you through. Stay strong.