Thursday, August 09, 2012

I Can Do It

This week on CBS the Sunday Morning News program had a segment about living alone.

One out of every seven Americans lives alone.
About 30% of them are over 65 years old.
Women living alone do better than men.

In my whole life I have never lived alone although I've always treasured time alone. When I was working the only time I had at home was at nights and on the weekends. Of course, there was always someone around. I have to confess that sometimes I would call into work on a weekday and say I was sick, so I could have a day at home alone just to putter around. Maybe take on a project. Maybe do nothing important at all. But that time alone at home was comforting and healing.

It is different now. I am one out of every seven Americans who lives alone. This is a different alone than what I wanted years ago when I was working and raising kids. Then I just wanted a little "piece" of being alone. What I have now is yards and yards of alone and I have to find my way to cut those yards into little pieces and remake a life. I'm not writing this to make anyone feel sad for me. It is just the way it is. The thing that I keep thinking about is how many fabulous women I know who live alone and have full and exciting lives. They can be my pattern for how to cut up all the yards of alone-ness and put the pieces back together into a warm and rewarding life.

Last night I went to bed feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do from now on by myself, alone, I woke up this morning and again I thought about my friends who have done amazing things alone. If they can do it, I can do it. I will do it!

And the first thing on the list is no small task.....wrap up the apartment and business here in Houston and get Carly and me back to San Miguel. I can do it!


Babs said...

The biggest surprise to living alone as a single woman is discovering that you're stronger then you think!
You've already proved it with your drive to Colorado and back - with a dog!
One day at a time - one day at a time.

alcuban said...

And you won't be alone when you get back here, among all your friends.


Gloria said...

Your aren't alone Billie. Your Ned is always with you and Carly I know is a big comfort. Try doing some photography when you get back to San Miguel. Sending you good thought and healing prayers. Take care and it looks like you have made a decision. Great start.

jennifer rose said...

Atta girl! You're going to make it on your own, just fine.

Calypso said...

"I can do it!"

Of course you can amiga - and there are PLENTY of folks who will help make that happen for you. Count us in!

Anonymous said...

That is great move! you will never be along in Mexico.

Like minded friends , you will find comport you need.

I will send you a song sent by my best girl friend when I lost my Mother.

Up to you to listen but It's very comporting.
Ernie Haase & SSQ + Gaither Vocal Band - I Then Shall Live ..
Take care...

mcm said...

Hey Billie -- I'm so looking forward to following you on this next big adventure!

Steve Cotton said...

As a guy who has lived alone since he was 22, my testimony is that it can be a great life. But, Al is correct. We are never alone. We are surrounded by friends and acquaintances that make our journey a joy.