Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year, 2012. This year I'm making the switch. when I talk about the year I'm not going to say two thousand twelve. I'm going to say twenty-twelve. I probably should have done that with twenty-ten but twenty-twelve really has a nice ring to it.

We stayed home on New Year's Eve. I admit that I was in bed and asleep by the time the new year rolled in but we had done our best for good luck in 2012. We ate black-eyed peas, a southern tradition,  for prosperity and twelve grapes with good wishes attached for the Mexico tradition.

We had a wonderful Christmas with the boys and their families and Ned's sister's entire family including our newest addition, Baby Finn. And one of her sons brought a girl friend. This is the first one he has brought around so we are all wondering if she will be joining us for good.  Ned's Aunt and cousin also joined us. 

I worry so about my oyster stew for Christmas Eve but it turned out just fine although we barely had enough. I felt really good when Jack, Betsy's Dad, said the oyster stew was one of the reasons he came to Texas for Christmas. This year I had a little more attention from Mike and Betsy while I cooked it. I think they realize that they better learn how to do it 'cause I ain't getting any younger.

And speaking of younger.....I had a birthday on the 30th. What a shock this one was. At 75 I finally have to admit I'm a "senior." All the times when I've bought a senior ticket or taken advantage of a senior discount, I've felt a little like a fraud. I really wasn't THAT old. Well, I still don't feel it but this birthday makes it feel legit. I no longer have to feel guilty about saying, "Senior ticket, please."

We are headed in to 2012 with high hopes. Ned is feeling good. We will be taking a break in treatment and be able to head SOB for a few weeks. We are looking forward to being in our home, seeing our friends, and catching up on all the happenings in San Miguel.

Another photo made on my walk along Buffalo Bayou shot with the iPhone Instagram app. Give me some slack while I explore the iPhone. I don't think it ever going to substitute for my DSLR but it is fun. I'm learning about using some of the apps besides Hipstamatic and Instagram. And it will be a camera that is always with me. I think of it as a Camera/Phone instead of a Phone/Camera. Now I have to get it unlocked so I can use the Phone part when we are in San Miguel. Gotta get that done this week before we head South.


Sallie Kravetz said...

Hi Billie: When you get back give me a call so we can talk iPhone and BTW, no slack needed. The iPhone has become a respectable and accepted visual making tool around the world in galleries, online curated exhibitions and in photojournalism.

If you get it unlocked tell me how. Happy New Year and see you soon I hope.

Sallie K.

Mexico Cooks! said...

You are the second of my friends to turn 75 within the last few days. No matter how old you both claim to be on the 'outside', you are both still 35 in heart and mind. Much love to you on your (belated) birthday, Billie, and New Year's love to you and Ned.


Steve Cotton said...

And maybe we can share some time in SMA when I get up that way.

Heather said...

Happy New Year!!! And you are only as old as you feel, and from the vibe I always get from your posts, you don't seem to be very "senior" to me!

pitchertaker said...

75 doesn't seem very long, then saying three-quarters of a century seem pretty amazing. Seeing a century doesn't seem all that difficult, ya' know?

Jianna Gonzalez said...

Keep blogging.