Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Crazy

I thought that I had gotten past Christmas Crazy but I'm realizing that I can't help myself. I am on the holiday cooking list for:

Oyster Stew for 10 (or more) on Christmas Eve
4 Jalapeno Quiches on Christmas morning
Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, again for Christmas morning
Chocolate Cheese Cake and Creamed Onions for Christmas Dinner

That is enough....don't you think? It is really a lot of chopping and prepping and cleaning up. Fine! I can do it although the oyster stew always makes me nervous. I've tried to write down the recipe but when you start making it for 10 or more people it is a little nerve wracking. It is a lot of stirring and tasting and hoping that everyone will think it is as good as last year.

However, here is the deal. I don't think it will be Christmas if I don't make at least one recipe of Chocolate chip cookies, a batch of Pecan Sandies, an attempt at old fashioned Hershey's boiled fudge, and I want Cranberry Nut Bread too. I just can't help myself.

Now to get all of that done along with the other Christmas stuff, I'll end up Christmas Crazy but really happy and full of the spirit of Christmas.

Later in the day: This photograph? I can't leave the new iPhone alone. I'm trying out some of the photo apps. This one is the hipstamatic. You have several lenses and different films you can choose. This one is kind of grungy but colorful. This is the cranberry nut bread. I've also made a recipe of fudge but it looks like if I want to have any on Christmas Day, I'll have to make another batch. It keeps mysteriously disappearing.


Babs said...

SAVE some fudge for me! PUHLEEZ. Ha. I couldn't find choc chips and had no chocolate here to make anything like that. Grrr.
I've been cooking all day for a Christmas Eve lunch I'm having here for just 5 of us. You KNOW it takes me two days, at least with that tiny oven........
Feliz Navidad.

Susan said...

For me, Christmas morning means a delicious batch of your Chiliquiles. It wouldn't be Christmas without them. This is our 4th year making them. Happy Holidays to you from sunny Nayarit, MX.

Gloria said...

Oh how exciting. Sounds really great! Merry Christmas to you and yours and also Happy New Years!

billow said...

Wow, Billie! You've got great energy!

Calypso said...

Interesting texture to the bread photo.

Anita and I wish you and Ned and the rest of the family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS amiga.

Billie said...

Babs, I made a second batch of fudge and it didn't turn out so good. The first one was almost too hard the second is....not so hard, in fact it is soft. I never know.

Susan so glad to hear that you are cooking the chiliquiles. They are a lot of trouble but they are good aren't they.

Calypso, those bumps are cranberries but the app hipstamatic does add texture and funk up the color.

And to all of you, I thank you for reading my blog and wish you a very merry holiday.

Felipe Zapata said...

My last wife made wonderful chocolate-chip cookies, which are my favorites. Now I'm hungry just thinking of them.

Steve Cotton said...

I wish you and Ned a great new year.