Saturday, January 07, 2012

Good Eats and Technology Challenges

Oh my, did I ever have some delicious food last night at DaMarcos. This was one-half a duck so beautifully presented and so delicious. I'm still in the birthday mode and this was a dinner with some of the Houston family and friends. Every sip of wine and every bite of food was just perfect. I'm having so much fun with this birthday that I may have to have another party when we get back to San Miguel.

I made this photo with the iPhone. I'm still learning what it will do besides taking photos. This week I managed to get my calendar over to the iPhone but can't get it to sync back to the computer. Only God knows if I will get that figured out and then the next problem will be how to get it to sync to a second computer in San Miguel. I copied a CD and finally got it to  sync to the iPhone. All of this should be simple but I keep finding that I'm having trouble because some little setting isn't turned on or off. After a "discussion" with Sprint I think I have the phone unlocked so that I can sign up with a carrier in Mexico on a pay as you go basis for while we are there. I'll find out for sure when I get there.

Isn't life an adventure?
........Especially in the Technology Age.


Steve Cotton said...

I am still having problems with the Spanish options on my Mexican cell phone. I always seem to guess wrong.

Don Cuevas said...

Steve, surely your cell phone can be switched to English. We have had Nokia phones and an LG TelCel branded phone, and they both can display in English. (That's not to say that they aren'r semi incomprehensible anyway).

Don Cuevas

Jonna said...

Happy Birthday Billie. I"m just catching up on blog reading after some time off. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and that you are loving your iphone. I couldn't live without mine now, although I don't have your touch with the camera.

Hope that Twenty Twelve is a wonderful year for you and Ned.