Friday, October 21, 2011

Lap Potato

When Carly is allowed, she can be a couch potato but she would rather be like she is here, a Lap Potato. There is nothing in the world she likes better than jumping up in your lap, flopping over on her back and insisting that you rub her tummy.

When we came to Texas in August, we had to leave her in the kennel in San Miguel. Although, Peter's place isn't so much like a kennel as it is Doggie Camp. Peter has room to divide up the dogs everyday by size and give them outside space to run as a pack. Carly qualifies for the mid-size pack but she climbs the fence and joins  the large-size pack.

I'll never forget the first time I took her to Peter's and he was showing me around. He pointed out a nice crate in his house and said that this would be Carly's crate at night. I told him he might have a problem because I was working on it but she wasn't crate trained. No, no, Peter told me, after one night he would not have a problem. Every evening at a certain time every dog came in and went to their crate for the night. I don't know how he did it but ever since she stayed that first time with Peter, when it is bedtime for us, she knows it is bedtime for her and she heads for her crate.

Once we realized that we were going to be in Texas for a while, we wanted to get her here as well. A few emails and some wonderful friends and we worked out a plan. One couple went to Peter's to get her to the Vet so she could be up to date on her shots and start heart worm medications. They kept her overnight and took her before the crack of dawn to meet up with her ride. The couple who was bringing her had a car that was already loaded down and there wasn't space for Carly so she sat in K's lap from San Miguel to San Antonio. Carly weighs 17 pounds, not too heavy but she sat in K's lap for 12 she is heavy.

My #3 son who lives in Austin drove to San Antonio and picked her up from K. Carly rode from San Antonio to Austin with her head in one of the grandson's lap.  She stayed with them and their three dogs until the weekend when we met #3 half way between Austin and Houston and brought her home to Houston.

Carly is a good traveler and can adapt to whatever is happening especially when she can be a lap potato


Jonna said...

I love how there is always a way to get something done in Mexico. I guess in the US too, part of that trip was NOB.

It's good to have a lap potato, it makes everything much better.

Anonymous said...

Who named the pooch Carly?

Billie said...

You are so right. She brings us laughter and comfort and most of all love without any condition.

Billie said...

Anon, I named her Carly. I had just read a book about Empress Carlotta of Mexico.

Laurie Matherne said...

I loved this post. Despite all of your trials, now you have Carly with you. Yeah!

Patrick said...

I think the hand holding her has something to do with it.