Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Apartment

We are living in a fairly large apartment complex. I think God had a hand in putting us here. This was the first apartment that we looked at. It is close to two of our sons, to the medical center, has security gates, the grounds are very well maintained  and our apartment is on the ground floor. I don't worry about walking Carly around the complex at night. And we can walk to two grocery stores, a drug store and several least we can now that the weather isn't over 100 degrees everyday. The rooms are large and there is a lot of storage space.

By the way, what is it with storage space. It just seems to fill up on its own. The walk-in closet in the bedroom/office is almost full. The exceptions are the two walk-in closets in our bedroom. We have very few clothes in them. We always seem to come to Houston with clothes for two weeks or so and then end up staying for months. It takes keeping the washing machine and dryer busy on a regular basis but it is amazing how long you can go with just a few clothes. It is getting a little harder right now because of the change in seasons. I mean, really, one can't go on wearing white cropped pants after the first of September. If you are old enough and from the South I'm sure you know that RULE.

Another thing that we are really appreciating in our apartment complex is the staff. They pick up our garbage at our door four times a week. If something breaks, they can usually fix it the same day. Last night about 8:00 PM we realized that the AC wasn't working. This morning at 8:00 AM they were at the door to fix it. Now we are sitting cool and comfortable. In a private home, I'm sure we could not have gotten anyone out to fix it until Monday or later. And God knows what it would cost.

I've never wanted to live in an apartment complex. Too many people, loss of privacy, no yard. But after living wall-to-wall in our Mexican colonia with only a patio and terrace, where every neighbor knows when you come and go, I guess I feel a little differently about apartment living.


Gloria said...

Sounds really nice Billie. Hi, how are you doing? Hope your husband is doing good. I don't like apartments either, but the one you speak of sounds pretty nice. Take care.

jennifer j rose said...

You did put away the black patent leather shoes, too?

Steve Cotton said...

Paint. Dogs. Apartment living. And great black and white photographs. God may have placed you in the apartment complex, but I am glad He placed you and Ned in our lives.

I am still contemplating the paint photograph. How something that is the very essence of man-made can so quickly turn into something so organic amazes me. Maybe it is simply chemicals mimicking nature. Whatever it is, you have caught its essence.