Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peeling Paint

What is it about peeling paint that attracts photographers? I don't know but I doubt if any photographer could have passed up this door.

Last Sunday I went on the home tour in Eastwood. Remember about two years ago I made an e-book of the houses there. It is a neighborhood that is almost 100 years old. In addition to getting to see some of the homes I also got to go into the old Cage Elementary School, a four-room, two-story, brick school built in 1910. It has not been used as a school in over 20 years although the school district has used it for storage during that time. One of the unique things about the school is that the ground floor was a stable where the kids left their horses during the school day. Now the school is probably 10 minutes from downtown Houston but 100 years ago it was out in the country.

The school is boarded up and in bad shape with areas on the second floor where it is not safe to walk. There are foundation problems that have been modified with bracing but doubtfully a permanent fix. Of course I had my camera with me and started to photograph an area with a bit of peeling paint. I told the guide/docent that I loved photographing peeling paint. He told me that if I wanted peeling paint to follow him. This is the door to the girl's bathroom down on the first floor by the stables. I could have spent the next hour just photographing this small three stall bathroom with paint peeling from every surface except the plumbing fixtures. I would have needed a tripod and time. I didn't have a tripod with me and the docent wasn't allowed to leave anyone unsupervised in the building. But now that I know the peeling paint is there maybe I can find a way to get permission to go in again.

The community around the school is trying to find a way to save and renovate the school. I hope that they can do it


pitchertaker said...

As you have made reference to my fondness in pealing paint in other communications, I'll say this: through the pealing layers we can imagine times past, and we can narrate our own stories.

Bob Mrotek said...

Oh, Billie! I am so happy that you are getting back in the mood for photography again. I think that you were born a photographer with a camera already in your head :)

alcuban said...

Billie: So glad you're out and about again taking pictures. I suggest you go back to that school with your tripod and take more images before those memories disappear.


Billie said...

Frank, I think that must be why we are attracted to peeling paint. Good way to put it.

Bob, born with a camera in my head! You have a lovely way with words.

Al, it will not be easy to get back into that school. It is really a dangerous place and I'm sure the school district will make me jump through hoops to go in. But I'll give it a try.

ilachina said...


Billie said...

ilachina, Since I follow your images on your blog, I really appreciate your kind comment.