Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Unsocialized.....that is the name of this rock band of four home schoolers. This past weekend we drove to Dripping Springs to hear the band play at the Founder's Day Festival. On the drums, my grandson Maxwell.
The band was great. The shooting conditions were not. I knew I wanted to get some tight head shots and so I took my 70-200mm lens. That was the right lens but the band was in the shade of the tent and behind them was the white limestone building, bright sky and portapotties. All in all, it turned out okay. By the way, if you want to hear the band check them out here or follow them on Facebook here. They are getting more and more gigs.....so it isn't just a grandmother bragging.

It is a big festival with a chili cookoff, carnival, lots of food and stuff for sale. After walking around the carnival with the kids after their set, we headed out West to Johnson City where Amanda Smith has her photography gallery, ASmith Gallery because I wanted to see my friend Amanda and I'd never gotten to see her gallery. It is really a beautiful gallery.

We had Carly with us because we didn't have anywhere to leave her overnight. She did fine at the Festival and fine at the Gallery but like us she was tired, hungry and thirsty so we headed back to Austin. Austin has a number of dog friendly places to eat so we chose Freddie's Place that has a big eating area outside under magnificent oak trees. We found a table and sat down. When the waiter bought our drinks, he also brought Carly a pan of water.

It was about 5 PM when we checked into the motel. Carly curled up in a corner and went to sleep. I think she may have raised her head a few times but we woke her up for her evening walk. That was it, she was down for the night. The traveling just wore her out. Us also.


Sam and Bob said...

I'm sure you are proud of your grandson. Did they home school all of their children? We have friends here in Michigan that home schooled all 6 of their children. The couple are just a few years younger than us.

Carly was very lucky to have found his home with you and Ned.

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

I just gave them a listen. I'm a fan!!

Billie said...

Sam, Doug and Susan are homeschooling their two boys. Maxwell's band mates are three kids from another home schooling family.

Gloria, since you are the mom of a drummer, I'm glad you like them. Maxwell just turned eleven and he has been loving the drums for at least two years...maybe three. I loose track.

Barb said...

Those kids are gooooood!!

Calypso said...

Good band! As you know we home schooled our son all the way - he came out alright on the other side (now nearly 21 and working in L.A.).

In fact I think we were still home schooling in Colorado and Mexico when you and I 'met' via the Blog. Maxwell was four I think - yikes!