Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Missed Good Friday

Yesterday I kept thinking about Good Friday in San Miguel. I was missing not just Good Friday but all the San Miguel rituals around Easter. Yes, it is Easter here too but about all that exists to remind you of Easter are colored Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Oh, and grocery store advertisments about food for Sunday.
Since I wasn't there to photograph the procession in Colonia San Antonio for Good Friday, I started looking back through my files at what I had photographed in prior years. When I got to 2007, I stopped. I had almost 100 images from that Good Friday and none of them had been processed. I don't know what happened that year but for some reason they have just been sitting there. I worked on them in Lightroom and put some of them in a gallery if you'd like to go see them.

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billow said...

Thanks, Billie, for the great photos.