Saturday, October 09, 2010

October 9, 2010

Dark in San Miguel at 7 AM
My bed nestled in a tree house
The leaves still dark against deep midnight blue sky
Cocooned in warm blankets drifting
Roosters welcome me home
Pecan pancakes with maple syrup
Quiet streets
Dead battery, no problem, a new one near by
Carly wriggly with joy to see us
Glad to come home and snooze in favorite spots
Sun comes out but just to warm, not hot
Street awakes midmorning
People, cars, vendors
It is my San Miguel, my Mexico
Pizza on the terrace
A little wine
Music from a car radio drifts through the neighborhood
The sky shifts from blue to deep blue
Pinpoints of light dot the black hillside
Churches are outlined with yellow globes
Fireworks shatter the sky with brilliance
Slowly sounds are muted
The breeze turns cooler
Night deepens
The bed in the tree house beckons
I'm home
October 9, 2010


Tancho said...

The car radio drifts, or blasts through the neighborhood?

Dan in NC said...

It's a gift to be able to paint a beautiful picture for others with only words on your palette. Nicely done Billie!
Dan in NC

Kathy said...


Sam and Bob said...

Ahhhhh, enjoy!

Billie said...

Tancho, most of the time the radio BLASTS through the neighborhood but last night it was modulated to a drift.

Dan, What a nice thing to say. Thank you.

Kathy, Sam and Bob, I am living in the moment and enjoying every second.

Brenda said...

Glad you are back home.
You sound happy and content.
All the best.

billow said...

Nice! Your poem brings me home with you. It makes me think about the beautiful low light photos you've made from your terrace.

Heather said...

Are you back in Mexico? I hope Ned is feeling well. You are both in my thoughts.

deb did it said...

such a sweet verbal painting...I feel like I am back in SMA

Karen said...

We're back from our 3 week trip to I'm back on the computer and checking up on blogs, etc. Loved this word picture of San Miguel...It made me glad for you...and looking forward to being in SMA this winter. We'll see you in January. Karen Q.