Monday, October 18, 2010

The Weekend

There are some things I could write about the nights and beautiful days, date night, dinner with friends at the new Argentinian restaurant on Codo, fabulous comida at a fiesta with friends up on the hill overlooking the town.....but you have heard those stories least similar stories before. So you'll get two other short stories instead.

Saturday afternoon, the patio had warmed up and Carly needed a good brushing. I got her combs and brushes out and put them on the table. Of course, since she is my shadow, she had seen the combs and brushes come out, so she was trying to make her shadow disappear. I knew she was behind the column of the portico so I turned and took a couple of steps across the patio kind of leaning forward to look on the other side of the column. I knew the step up onto the portico was there but my toe caught on the lip of the step and down I went....falling up the step, not down the step. My left knee took the brunt of the fall.

OMG! I think it hurt worse than when I broke my ankle. There I am rolling on the floor with my knee, moaning and groaning. Ned came running out. The shadow reappeared. Ned is asking what happened, what happened, can I help you up, what can I do? The shadow is jumping on me. I guess she thinks I got on the floor to play with her. She is jumping on my lap....and my knee....wanting to give me kisses. I think the first thing I said was, "Get the dog off of me!"

For a few minutes my knee hurt so much that I thought I was going to throw up. Visions of casts and crutches and wheelchairs flew through my mind. But after a minute or two I was able to roll over to my good knee and hands, get up and sit in a chair. My knee would bend and bending it didn't make it hurt any more. I limped into the living room and Ned got me some ice to put on it. After about 30 minutes of the icepack, I got up and walked around. It felt a little stiff but not painful. Later that evening we walked into town for dinner. It is still a little stiff, very skinned and rather bruised but I don't think I have any serious damage to the knee.

San Miguel is truly the town of Fallen Women.

My other story happened Sunday. When we came home from the fiesta late in the afternoon we noticed that our neighbor in one of the apartments across and just up the street a bit had a bunch of balloons tied to their balcony. We both commented that someone was having an fiesta. I don't know why we thought it had already happened or it was going on at the time. It wasn't. Last night about 9:00 when I walked Carly, there were a few extra young people on the street, the balloons were still dancing on the balcony and a cute young woman with rhinestones on the butt of her tight jeans, a satiny low-cut top and a rhinestone tiara was taping up a larger sign with the street address. Oh no!

After I unleashed Carly, I told Ned that the party across the street hadn't happened, it was about to start. Sure enough we started hearing a band testing their instruments and speakers. Now you should understand that the balcony on this apartment might be 8 x 15 feet. It is doubtful that speakers were even needed but for the young people it isn't a party unless the noise,, is vibrating their bodies. When we went up to bed, we closed the windows and the curtains which dampened the music a little.

As the night went on not only was the music loud but the young people got louder. I guess I haven't been around 18-25 year old kids in the States for a long time but I don't remember them hooping, hollering and yelling like the Mexican kids do. And of course, the more they drink, the more they hoop and holler. I went on off to sleep about 11. You may be wondering how I could sleep. Hey, I live in Mexico.

I woke up about 1:15. No loud music but a girl was singing and a unamplified guitar was playing along. That was nice. I went back to sleep.

Today Ned saw another neighbor who told him that he called the police a little before 1 and they came in about 5 minutes and closed the party noise down.

That was my weekend. How about yours?


Brenda said...

Hope your knee doesn't give you any problems, take care.
Cops shut the party down, wow!! Don't think anyone around here evens thinks to call the cops to complain.

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. Our weekend was good. Phoebe had her 10th birthday party. We made a big deal out of it with family and had it at the ice skating rink she trains at during their public skate session. We had pizza and ice cream cone cupcakes. Phoebe showed off her skills from 6 years of ice skating. She said it was a great day and that was all we were going for.

Jonna said...

I'm kind of amazed that someone called the cops too. I don't think that happens around here and I have no idea if they would do anything anyway. Was it a Mexican that called the cops or a gringo? I just can't see anyone here that is local doing that. I do know of one guy, a gringo, who regularly calls the cops on a disco near his house. Apparently nothing happens though, he is just of the persistent type.

Hope the knee feels better, I can really relate. There are a lot of fallen women here in Merida as well.

Billie said...

Knee is doing fine. I don't think I'll have any repercussions from it.

Jonna, it was a gringo but we also have a Mexican neighbor who will call the cops as well. Actually we were expecting her to be the one to call but maybe her 20 year old son was at the party. LOL