Sunday, October 03, 2010

Kindle Love

I have had my Kindle since September 21 and I've read seven and one-half books on it. Probably not a record but it is a lot more books than I was reading. Before the Kindle arrived, I read three books on the iPad. I prefer the Kindle. Someone asked me what is the difference between the two. I prefer the Kindle because it is smaller and lighter than the iPad. I think it is a lot easier to read in bed because of this and although I haven't been on an airplane with it yet, I think it will also be easier to read in the cramped seats that we have on planes today. I read enough with the iPad to know that the extra weight of it does make a difference after a while. I can read it at the beach because it isn't backlit. I also think that it is easier on the eyes since it isn't backlit. To be fair to the iPad, I like the way pages turn with the touch screen better than with the Kindle. The iPad turn just floats across the page. The Kindle is kind of a blink. At first the blink bothered me but now I'm use to it.

So what have I been reading on the Kindle?
The Imperfectionists
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Little Bee
A Map of Glass
Cutting for Stone

On the iPad?
The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit
A Scattered Life
Half Broke Horses

What I don't like about the Kindle or the iPad is that I can't loan someone one of the books I've read. Right now a friend of mine has three or four of my books and I have three books from another friend that I'm reading. There is something nice and economical about being able to share a book. Reading on the Kindle or iPad isn't the cheapest way to read. There are paperbacks that are cheaper than e-book versions. But the convenience of being able to always have a book in your purse or backpack is addictive. I have already reached the stage of "Don't leave home without it."


Jonna said...

I'm considering buying one or the other and leaning towards the iPad. Are the Kindle's still just black and white? Because, magazines are something I think I'd really enjoy on an electronic reader. Also, while not being able to read in full sunlight doesn't much matter to me, what about in bright shade like a terrace?

Thanks for the comparison Billie, it helps a lot.

Billie said...

Jonna, the Kindles are still black and white. The screens on the iPad are fabulous. Some photographers are said to be hooking up the iPad to their laptops and using the screen for doing their photoshoping rather than the screen of the laptop. I think the iPad would be great for reading magazines but if you look at the Apple store there are not a lot of magazines set up for iPad format. I'm sure that more and more will come over but some of my favorites aren't on the list yet. I think you would be able to use the iPad on a shady terrace if you can get in the "right" angle. Certainly you can use the iPad for more than you can the Kindle but between being able to get email on my phone and reading on the Kindle, I'm happy.

Nancy said...

I agree with you, Billie. Paul has an iPad and he uses it for lots more than reading. I thought I would want one once we really got to know it, but not yet.

The only thing I love is the Bookshelf on the iPad where you see the actual book cover.

I love the Kindle size, easy to toss in my purse. And the charge lasts forever, whereas Paul charges the iPad every night.

If you are into BitTorrent for downloading TV you can find pdf's of a lot of magazines and they display perfectly on the iPad.

I prefer to read on the Kindle as opposed to a regular book, as a matter of fact Bliss loaned me a book (The Dark Virgin) about Malinche and although I really want to read it I haven't started it yet.

Did you enjoy Cutting for Stone? I was thinking of buying it soon... I am loving The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and am going to read Little Bee for a book group next month.

Billie said...

I'll check into BitTorrent.

I loved Cutting for Stone until near the end. But I'll let you read it and then we can "talk." Is definitely a good book. I also liked Little Bee. The author was quite good at conversations with accents. Good writer. I can see The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet as a movie.

Steve Cotton said...

I have experienced the "read more" phenomenon, as well. If I did not spend most of my day at work, I would have read a lot more.

How did you like Freedom? I bought it the first day I had the Kindle, but I have not been able to get to it.

There is a function on the Kindle that allows you to "lend" a book to another Kindle reader, but I have not used it yet.

Calypso said...

I am REALLY wanting a KINDLE - now nearly ALL the Bloggers have one - I have a soon-to-happen trip to the States where I will finally get one ;-)

Billie said...

Steve, I liked Freedom okay. After you read it, lets compare notes.

I haven't been able to find the lending function that you mention except when all the kindles are registered to the same account. Tell me more.

Calypso, I think you will like it a lot.

Cynthia said...

Still no Kindle here and reading on the iPad is good and bad. I love the ability to buy a copy of a magazine without going out to get the thing. Once on the iPad, it displays beautifully. Still, when I read a novel, I find that my neck hurts. You can't hold it up like a book or a Kindle, so you look down the whole time toward your lap. After awhile, you know you want a Kindle for reading novels!

Anonymous said...

I am coming to the party a little late on the Kindle discussion. I would love a Kindle for travelling as packing a stack of books makes my luggage so heavy. I would load up on books before leaving Chicago but---while in Mexico, can I download books to the Kindle? Is there a different cost? Is there anything a person should be aware of when using a Kindle outside of the US? Thank you.