Thursday, September 16, 2010

Point of View

We are settled in the Houston apartment. Yesterday I found a small, walnut Queen Anne table for the dining room so that completes the furniture. The good thing about the table is that I had planned to not pay more than $200 for a "second-hand table." I found this one for $165....a bargain!

We really are very comfortable in this apartment but the one thing I miss is a high point of view. In SMA, we have this great view over the town from the roof top terrace. When we have stayed in high-rise condos in Houston, we have had a great view over the city. Here we are on the first floor and our view is about a 12 foot patch of landscaped green and then the car ports for our wing of apartments. This meets our needs now but one of these days, I'll have to have a high point of view here in Houston.

Ned is doing great. His stapled scar looks a little weird but that is a minor thing in the great scheme of things. If we go out to eat at night, we plan to go to casual places because he needs to wear his baseball hat or he might scare the little kiddies, maybe even a waitress or two. It will be another week before the staples come out. In the meantime, we will see his radiation oncologist and get the radiation plan underway.

One unexpected thing that happened was I had to buy a new computer. The one I had in Houston was one that I had in SMA for several years. It was acting up some before it came back to Houston two years ago. It had another problem and I decided I had spent enough on life support for it so I went to MicroCenter and bought a refurbished machine. I like it because it didn't come loaded down with lots of  program "stuff" that I don't need. I'm loading up Open Office and my image management programs and that is it.

We are missing San Miguel but it is true that home is where the heart is. And my heart is right here with Ned.


Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Get well soon, Ned!

Sam and Bob said...

Glad to hear that Ned is doing well. He could tell the kiddies that he is practicing Halloween a little

Bob and I have talked alot about "high rise" vs being able to walk outside and having a garden without going to a roof top. We will see. The place we are renting in SMA doesn't have a roof top per se. It has a second floor patio but no great view. We also have a ground floor patio off the back. Time will tell.

Saludos to both of you!

Karen said...

Hi Billie,
Jim and I have been thinking about you and Ned. We are sending positive thoughts his way and are glad to hear that he's doing well in Houston.
Last night we went to the Mexican Bicentenario celebration in Millenium Park in Chicago...such a wonderful event....but we couldn't see the stage well. We came home and watched the Mexico City celebration on tv. WOW!! Viva Mexico!

Billie said...

Gloria, thanks for the good wishes.

Sam, he would look just right for Halloween but by then his hair should hide the scar.

Karen, Mexico City's Zocalo was amazing. I'm so glad I got to see it.

Jonna said...

Yay Ned! Give his scary staples a kiss for us. Cocoon yourselves there in Houston while Ned gets better, the views will wait for you. Hugs, Jonna & Mimi

Calypso said...

Ned & Billie - Really happy to read that all is well. You two remain in our prayers.

Heather said...

My prayers are with you and Ned. (((Hugs)))

Texas gal said...

I know what you have been going through the past few weeks. I had surgery on Sept 3rd at Methodist in Houston for cancer of the brain. My prayers are with you and Ned during this time.

Billie said...

Texas Gal, so sorry that you are going through this too. My email address is on the right side of the blog if you want to write me.
Our prayers are with you as well.