Monday, September 27, 2010

Making Progress

We are making progress. Ned's staples are out and last night when we went out to eat, he didn't wear a hat or cap.....and no one seemed to notice his "scar." Actually I think that when his hair grows out it will hardly be noticeable. And more progress has been made on the radiation front. He had the first of five radiation treatments on Friday. We'll know more today when we see the radiation oncologist but it looks like we will have a window of opportunity to go home for a few weeks once he is finished with the radiation. One day he feels really good and the next he feels tired but overall he is one tough guy.

I haven't been outside this morning but the weather man says that it is cooler. Kind of San Miguel temperatures are predicted for today.....61 this morning and 81 degrees for the high this afternoon. This is a good thing. One morning I walked to a bagel shop about 6 blocks away. It wasn't too bad walking there but by the time I came back I was in a good sweat.

Speaking of walking, we are really happy with our apartment. We are so close to the grocery store. I walk to the back of the apartment complex and then about 50 feet to the door of a great HEB/Central Market grocery store. There is a lot of help in the store including a very knowledgeable fish monger. Wonderful beef. Great selection of vegetables....of course all of this is more expensive than what we pay in SMA but sometimes not that much more. And a lot of the products are not even available in SMA.

If it was cooler we could even walk to the Medical Center which is about 2.5 miles. Of course that just isn't done in Houston. Walk? Except on walking trails or in the neighborhood for exercise. No, no, no. You will find very few people who walk to do their errands. And we are missing that a lot along with all our SMA friends.


Calypso said...

Excellent news. We are looking forward to your entries from SMA - Get Home Soon!

Steve Cotton said...

Nice news. I thought of you this morning while I was attempting to get a good photograph with the camera in my BlackBerry. I hope you know how much you and Ned mean to those of us whose lives you have touched.

Sam and Bob said...

Terrific news about Ned. You guys are our heros.

I know what you mean about walking to do errands. People look at us like we are from another planet when we walk about one mile to the local grocery store with our backpack. We too are missing SMA. We hope to see you there. We will be looking for friends to celebrate the holidays.