Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Dry Is It?

I guess the title to this could just as well be "How Hot Is It?" because this is the time of year when both of those conditions apply to San Miguel. For some reason the dryness is bothering me more this year.

It is so dry that I'm using moisturizing eye drops all though the day. I always put in some drops first thing in the morning but now that isn't enough.

It is so dry that the nasal passages dry out. So again, I'm using a saline nasal spray off and on throughout the day.

It is so dry that I use skin moisture lotion several times a day, especially face moisturizer. But, damn, I don't think that it is stopping new wrinkles. I'm blaming that on the dry weather and not the age.

It is so dry that the water level in the fountain basin drops about one-inch a day.

It is so dry that the furniture could be dusted several times a day. I didn't say that I did that but the furniture could use it.

It is so dry that the joints of  the wooden doors separate so that you can see about 1/8-inch of unpainted wood.

It is so dry that I have to add more water to bread dough.

It is so dry that the pot plants need watering every day.

Yesterday afternoon we had a few clouds and some thunder. Then a few drops of rain. But we are still a month away from the rainy season.


pitchertaker said...

Sounds to me like you're living in a desert. That's kinda' normal for folks living in the Santa Fe area.

jennifer rose said...

It is so dry that clothing in the washing machine is dry even before the rinse cycled is over.

It is so dry that, when you take a shower, you're completely dry before even turning off the water and stepping out of the shower.

It's so dry that water in the tea kettle evaporates before it even comes to a boil.

Jonna said...

Know what I used to hate when living in the dry, dry Calif desert? Every time I'd reach for something on the supermarket shelf, I'd get a shock. I really hated that! I finally got used to taking one foot out of my chancla, putting it on the floor, taking whatever off the shelf and then putting my shoe back on. People looked at me weird at first and then you'd see the light dawn. It does work. I never have to do that anymore down here :) but it took me a bit to remember to keep my shoes on.

Billie said...

Frank, does Santa Fe have a rainy season? SMA does. Kind of the middle of June to the middle of October.

Jennifer, yes, those are dry. I meant to mention that the bathroom mirror never has any condensation on it now after you take a shower.

Jonna, you are so far to the other side of the scale there in Merida. Plenty of humidity there.