Thursday, May 06, 2010

Crusty Seeded Pale Ale Pot Boule

Nancy Baggett says, in her book Kneadlessly Simple, that this bread has a hearty flavor, faint bitterness, and the same light yeasty aroma that always seems to hover in brew pubs. I got the hearty flavor and yeasty aroma but not the faint bitterness. The recipe calls for a pale ale or beer. I didn't have a pale ale so I used a Corona Barril beer. I don't know if a pale ale would have given me the faint bitterness or not.
What I loved about the bread was the nuttiness and crunch of the crust. The recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of sesame seeds or poppy seeds, or tablespoon each sesame, poppy and flax seeds blended togther, for garnish. I used a combination of sesame and poppy seeds. Ned who doesn't really like a hard crust, liked the crust on this bread. So did our dinner guests. They have eaten several of the breads I've made and they declared this one the best.


pitchertaker said...

Beautiful loaf, Billie. I can almost smell it up here. I would image that a pale ale which is hopped much more aggressively than the Corona might have introduced the slight bitter taste she was talking about. Imagine if you had used a Guinness!

Gloria said...

What a great looking bread Billie. Mmmm, I would love a piece with some freshly brewed coffee. Coffee beans from Africa are awesome. You've been doing some baking lately and it all looks awesome. Take care.

Calypso said...

Gorgeous and probably at least as good to eat - you are getting into this bread thing amiga - fortunate for the rest of us.