Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It is a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The sunrise this morning was one of those that wrap around the sky. It wasn't just in the East but it reflected in the clouds in the west as well. What better way to start the day!

Because I was snuggled all warm in my bed I almost missed getting a picture for you even though we had gone to bed early.....like really early. The electricity went off about 7:15 PM last night. We had just settled down in front of the TV for some sitcoms we like. There are only about three that we like on all of the networks. All of them were suppose to have new shows last night. Why do they show one new show for the season and then two old ones? That is so aggravating. Oh, but I digress. Back to the electricity.

Back in the 80's when we traveled in Mexico you always took a flashlight and you would also find candles and matches in your hotel room because it was expected that the electricity would fail. Even when we bought our house in 2002 it wasn't unusual to have blackouts and brownouts in San Miguel but the infastructure has been improved and it doesn't happen very often anymore.

I don't know what was going on last night but when the lights went out we went up on the roof to see what sections of the city were affected. At first it looked like everything was out in town but the lights came back on and stayed on north of the Centro. In our Colonia, they would come on and stay on for 10 minutes or so then go off again. Finally about 8:15 they went off and they stayed off until sometime during the night.

Could it be that everyone putting up Christmas lights caused a power failure? Just a thought.


Leah Flinn said...

Beautiful! I have heard about these infamous views of sunsets/sunrises in San Miguel de Allende...maybe I will get there someday.

glorv1 said...

Very nice. Those sunrises over there are just awesome.

billow said...

Ah, electricity! Learning to live without it is a useful skill. Going to bed early is an excellent way of dealing with it!