Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fried Zucchini

Have you ever cooked for someone who is taking chemo? Up until now, we were blessed. Ned ate anything and everything I put in front of him. In fact back during the summer while having both chemo and radiation, he gained some weight.

Since he started on a different round of chemicals it hasn't been as smooth. The first three weeks, he just wasn't eating as much as he usually did. The next three weeks he had some food preferences and potatoes were high on his list. Well here it is at the end of the treatment and there isn't much that tastes good. One night I made a lovely roasted pork tenderloin and some roasted vegetables, including roasted baby potatoes. He ate a bite or two of everything but not with any gusto.

You know what he will eat.....fried chicken (only legs and wings), mashed potatoes and cream gravy. Yesterday I asked him if any vegetable sounded good. He mentioned fried zucchini. Last night I made milanesa de pollo (it is fried) and fried zucchini. He ate that. Even went back for a small second helping. We seem to be on a fried diet.

The lady in the photograph has a chicken tienda in the back of the big mercado in the center of town. Her place is maybe four feet by 6 feet. In that space is a big refrigerator and a counter with several different containers of mole. She is always nicely dressed and smiling. It is interesting most of the places that sell only chicken are run by women while the places that sells meat and sausage are run by men.

I was surprised yesterday in the mercado. It wasn't a busy place at noon. Usually the aisles are full of women buying veggies and meat for their comida and the little counters that serve food are full as well. The economy here in San Miguel is really hurting. I hope that the snow birds and Canadians arrive soon.


Steve Cotton said...

The tourists and snowbirds are still missing from the coast -- and appear not to be coming. This is going to be a very tough year.

billow said...

Ah, fried stuff. Fried anything. My favorite!

The economy seems to be picking up here. Maybe it will for the snowbirds too.

Anonymous said...

When my father was having chemo - he too wanted mashed potatoes and anything comforting and soft. When I went home to visit him I used to make the strongest garlic bread with way too much butter. He loved it because he could taste it and it was soft in his mouth but strong in flavour. He was a mad vegetable eater before hand but I think that the temperature of vegetables upset him when he was in treatment. I think it was the water ratio. Maybe that is why potatoes are good because they are starchy. He also loved omelettes which you could throw spinach or onions into.
All my best to you both.

Heather said...

I have to admit I love fried zucchini. So sorry things are too quiet in the mercado.

pitchertaker said...

When we lived in Austin, every Friday late afternoon, all the photographers, plus their wives and girlfriends would gather at Los Tres Bobos for $1 margaritas and fried zucchini. It was the best!!!

Esteemarlu said...

Twelve years ago when my son was 18 and going through chemo he would only eat roasted chicken sandwiches or chicken salad. I love zucchini especially with tomatoes.

glorv1 said...

Ah, I see my friend Estee found your blog, she is a sweetheart. Well at least he is eating fried foods. My best to your Ned. I love fried zucchini or dipped in flour and egg and then fryed in oil. yummo. Hsve a great weekend Billie and husband.