Monday, December 07, 2009

Too Late for Olivia's Cafe

I don't know how long Olivia's Cafe has been open but because we have been gone so much I didn't see the sign until the last few weeks. The cafe is in my Colonia at the bottom of Veinte Ocho de Abril.I love the sign. It looks so cheery and bright, I just knew that the food would be good. When I passed by this morning on my way to the mercado the door wasn't open but when I went by on my way home it was. I headed over to take a look in, see the menu and find out what hours they were open. A beautiful young woman was there doing some cleaning. I asked when the Cafe would open. She told me that she was packing up and closing it down. Oh, no! My first thought was that it was the economy. That wasn't the reason. She and her partner had a falling out and they just couldn't manage to continue on with the Cafe.

Que Lastima! I'm too late.

Although this Cafe didn't close because of the economy it was a reminder that the small family restaurants in our Colonia are struggling. We haven't been eating out much during Ned's treatment but we are going to have to make an effort to support our neighbors. Besides I love being able to walk a block or so and sit down to a nice comida.

I think that maybe I should start taking my readers on a restaurant tour in the Colonia. It will give me something to blog about and give my neighbors some advertising.


Bob Mrotek said...

The restaurant tour of the neighborhood is a wonderful idea!!!
Good luck :)

Nancy said...

Great idea. The restaurants I have written about have had increased business because of it. So has the B & B that we stayed at several times while we were deciding.

jennifer rose said...

Better yet -- it'll give you a reason not to cook or be concerned about cleaning up afterward.

Babs said...

Great idea. I heard Cha cha Cha closed also. Boo hoo.

Sam and Bob said...

One of the things we like about Col. San Antonio is all the neighborhood restaurants. We hope they are open. We will indeed be giving them our business. Is it true about Cha Cha Cha?

Leslie Limon said...

I agree, a restaurant tour is a great idea!

Steve Cotton said...

I have been trying to eat at least one meal each day in the local eateries. I ate two meals out today. But I really like the blog idea. It will also remind me where I have been.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great idea. Blog posts about authentic Mexican food from your local restaurants! Woo hoo! Now if they could just deliver to southeastern Pennsylvania....

Billie said...

Well it looks like I've committed to a restaurant review series. LOL

And yes it is sadly true that ChaChaCha is closed. Don Quijote has been closed too but I saw an ad in Atencion that makes me think it is going to reopen with a new name. I hope so and I hope the food is good. I loved sitting in that large patio on a Sunday afternoon.

Tina said...

How about the new little place on Vergel?

I think it's on a patio and serves breakfast.
It's a few blocks up from Refugio on the right
hand side (walking towards Centro).

We tried to go there but it was closed at
the time.

Would love to know about that one for when
we return.

We also really like the little place on
Sterling Dickinson--I think it's called
Cafe SMA or something like that. It's
bright yellow, just before you get to
Hotel Real de Minas. They have a really
nice breakfast and they are super friendly.
The place is spotless too.

Some people call it Hector's place because
the owner has a little boy named Hector.

Have you tried it?

It's COLD in Arizona right now--we had
50 mph winds last night. And there's not
a drop of fresh mandarin juice in sight.

Missing SMA...

Billie said...

Tina, thanks for the suggestions. I'm starting a list. It may take a while to get through all of them.

Cynthia said...

I want to hear about Jackie's. I see they are getting good reviews on If you can add that to your list, I will really appreciate. Life is getting in the way of my time in San Miguel. Can't be there as much as I like.

Billie said...

Cynthia, Jackie's is definitely on my list. We have been there one time and it was very good and the service was perfect. I'd like to go back and see how she is handling the cold weather, especially when the wind is blowing from the North.

Douglas Cullen said...

We had a good meal at very reasonable prices at Sazon on Prolangacion del Refugio. We had the ribeye and arrachera. The staff/owners went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. We will go back for sure.

I believe the same people also own the Mariscolandia restaurant directly across the street. We haven't eaten there but we have heard good things.

We also enjoy the pizzas at capricho on 20 de Enero and Orizaba.

Give them your business if you can to keep the neighborhood vibrant.